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Published 12 May 2020 - Updated 2 days ago

We’ve welcomed an exciting new addition to our home page: a maintenance tracker! We understand that maintenance can be a stressful issue for tenants and owners alike so this addition will give both parties a little more insight into how quickly we handle these requests.

At :Different, we live by open communication and quick responsiveness, and we’re constantly talking about how we provide this to our customers with our excellent mix of smart people and intelligent technology. However, as everyone knows, action speaks louder than words and what better way to showcase our actions than through some frequently updated statistics? We’ll let our numbers do the talking. 

The faster your maintenance request is approved and validated, the faster the property will be back in working order. We completely understand this. No one likes living a week with a leaking roof or an unflushable toilet. Our 3 metrics are designed to measure just how quickly our team takes your request from responding to assigning it to a trusted repairman.

Change is often welcomed. But in our case, we strive to keep our 3 metrics either sitting at 100% or only ever increasing. We want to ensure these numbers are passed off to our customers for a great property management experience. Time is precious and we don’t want to take away your spare time from relaxing by the poolside to chase up repairs. 

"Change is often welcomed. But in our case, we strive to keep our 3 metrics either sitting at 100% or only ever increasing."

What are these metrics?

These 3 metrics track are our way of keeping us accountable for moving maintenance requests from received to on track for repair. 

Response Rate

The response rate measures how fast we approve tenants’ maintenance requests within a span of 12 hours. A leaking roof isn’t something that can wait and we want to help you get it fixed ASAP. Unresponsiveness can lead to negative experiences and we want to ensure tenants’ needs are being efficiently taken care of for a happy tenancy. 

Approval Rate

The approval rate measures how quickly owners approve tenants’ maintenance requests within a span of 24 hours. We’ve streamlined the maintenance process for both parties, so owners can have full visibility into requests and approve them whenever, wherever, all from their owner app. 

Assigning Rate

The assigning rate measures how fast we find your maintenance request a trusted tradesperson. Our network of local tradesmen has been trusted and tested. So owners can rest assured your job will be completed at a fair price and handled professionally. 

Why have we added these metrics?

Responsiveness can often make or break one’s property management experience. One might even say it’s one of the most important aspects owners and tenants consider. Too many times have owners been bombarded with a slew of expensive property maintenance issues all at once due to their property manager not being tardy with tenant’s requests. Not only does this not reflect well on the tenant’s side having your voice not being heard but also leaves owners with a string of out-of-pocket expenses that could have been resolved earlier. We’re showcasing these metrics to let our tenants see how quickly we’re handling their requests and vice versa for owners. The faster we act, the faster everyone can go back to living their normal lives. With honesty comes transparency and we want to deliver this to all our customers. 

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