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Why spring is the best season to list your rental property

Published 30th September 2018Updated 3rd April 2023

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Can’t you just feel that warmer weather in the air?

Here’s a :Different thought: could that uplifting spring energy help you attract high-calibre tenants in a competitive rental market?

We think so. Here are three reasons why spring is a great time to list your rental property.

1. Spring makes people happier

No, it’s not just you. Spring has been scientifically proven to make people feel happier. According to research, it’s to do with increased exposure to sunlight and how this influences our melatonin and serotonin levels.

What does happiness have to do with the rental market? Research also suggests that people are more likely to make important decisions when they are in a positive frame of mind.

Plus, properties tend to look better and brighter in the lovely spring light, so you’ll have great conditions for listing your rental.

2. Spring encourages people to get out and about

Have you ever noticed how cities seem to wake up in spring? Spring events pop up in every neighbourhood, from Farmer’s Markets to school fairs and outdoor concerts.

What does this have to do with renting your property? Well, people are already out and about enjoying the mild spring weather, so visiting a rental property becomes an easy task they can add on to their day – not the mammoth task it feels like in the heat of summer or depths of winter.

Put simply: if you list your rental property in spring, you’ll attract more visitors and (hopefully!) have a large pool of high-calibre applicants to choose from.

"Properties tend to look better and brighter in the lovely spring light"

3. Your tenants will be in well before Christmas

In spring, the countdown until Christmas hasn’t yet started (and isn’t clogging up everyone’s brain cells). Your tenants can move in and get settled before Christmas and the school holidays, and well before the kids start school in January. Happy tenants = happy landlords, right?

How to give your rental property a competitive edge
Even the most stunning spring weather is not always enough to command a premium rent. You also need to make your property stand out with premium listings, great photographs, and a hands-on property manager who can show tenants through as often as required.

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