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Published 2nd April 2020Updated 4th April 2023

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Welcome to :Different! As a new owner you will find some of our processes familiar and some – well, different. Below we have broken down some of the most standard processes you will experience with us. Of course, this is only the beginning of (what we hope to be) a long friendship. We can’t wait to look after you, your tenants and your property.

Like always, we are here for you at or via your owner portal/owner app

Routine inspections

We conduct a minimum of 2x routine property inspections per year. Each state has its own regulations on how often landlords are allowed to conduct routine inspections as per below. We can conduct more inspections if you require and are permitted.

  • NSW: 4 times a year
  • Victoria: every 6 months (but not within the first 3 months)
  • Queensland: every 3 months


We process disbursements on the 15th and end of each month. We generate a statement within 3 working days at the end of each month and upload it to your owner portal and/or app.

Talk with the team

When you have a specific question, you can email our single inbox, (the only email you need to remember!). This inbox is monitored and accessed by every team in the company, allowing for quick transfer to the right person to ensure you receive a helpful response straight away.

When you want to have a dedicated conversation, you can book a call through your Owner App to speak with someone from the team, including your Property Partner. This allows you to conveniently choose a time that suits you and allows us time to be prepared when we speak with you.

When you need immediate help and you can’t wait for a callback or answer to your email (and we get it, sometimes you or your tenants need answers, fast) you can call your Property Partner on their phone extension, or ring our 1300 004 746 number to speak to a property manager. This support line is operated during business hours (9:30 am - 5 pm weekdays).


Tenants can report an issue from their tenant app and always require a photo or video. When property maintenance issues arise, you will be sent a text message or push notification on your Owner App. You will have the opportunity to tell us if you want us to find a tradie, fix it yourself, or require more information to review it.

We will then arrange quotes for an issue we expect to cost more than $250 and take care of the issue with our preferred list of trades that we work with regularly. We also sometimes find issues ourselves when doing routine inspections, they’re handled in the same way.

Lease renewals

90 days before a tenants lease ends, we send you an automated email to ask what you’d like to do. Assuming you want to renew the lease, we then have an automated process for the tenants to tell us if they want to renew or move out. This means we take care of it proactively and if they want to move out, we have ample time to put together a leasing campaign.

Moving out / Finding new tenants

When your tenants are moving out, we will first do an outgoing inspection and then we will take care of everything to find new tenants. It starts with a market rent appraisal, followed by open homes. We then screen and check tenants and then do an ingoing inspection before they move in.

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